Purchase of automobile batteries

Purchase of used automobile batteries from residents, companies and other organizations in Vilnius. We accept unnecessary batteries for disposal, and we pay one of the most attractive prices on the market.

We work with individuals and legal entities. In Vilnius, the purchase of batteries is carried out at JSC “Ekoterra” scrap yard, Kirtimu st. 61.

We are proud of our professional team, many years of experience and service that ensures a smooth purchase process. During continuous discharge and charge cycles, batteries lose their ability to store energy, so purchase of batteries helps to dispose of them properly and protect nature from pollution.

Batteries are hazardous waste and should not be disposed of with household waste. Let’s be responsible, sustainable – let’s turn waste into raw materials!

For more information, how batteries are purchased, what price we offer for the waste and for other questions – we will be happy to answer them during the consultation – we invite you to contact us by phone: +370 (630) 14909.