Non-ferrous Metal Scrap Price List

Copper scrap7,40€/kg
Brass scrap4,50€/kg
Aluminum scrap (motor)1,55€/kg
Stainless steel scrap1,15€/kg
Lead battery scrap0,65€/kg
Scrap copper wires with connector (vehicles)3,70€/kg
Brass scrap (shavings, radiators)4,20€/kg
Scrap copper installations and wires (with insulation)1,50-3,70€/kg
Aluminum scrap (tin, mixed, unsorted)1,30€/kg
Aluminum rims without weights and other impurities1,90€/kg
Aluminum rims with impurities1,70€/kg
Aluminum radiators (without iron and plastic parts) scrap1,00€/kg
Aluminum radiators (with iron and plastic parts) scrap0,50€/kg
Aluminum radiators (with copper tubes) scrap3,10€/kg
Aluminum wires (without insulation) scrap1,95€/kg
Aluminum wires and cables (with insulation) scrap0,30€/kg
Aluminum scrap (shavings)0,70€/kg
Refrigerating equipment compressors0,40€/kg
Electric motors, starters, generators (vehicles) scrap0,60-1,10€/kg
Lead scrap1,10€/kg
Zinc scrap1,00€/kg
  • The prices are indicated without VAT and without deduction of 5% PIT (personal income tax) for private clients.
  • The indicated prices are valid for the collection site at Kirtimų str. 61.
  • For the price of metal scrap, transportation and dismantling works, please call us us: +37063014909.
  • As the market situation changes, the company reserves the right to adjust its price lists and collecting conditions.
Last update: 2024-07-15

F. A. Q.

The metal must be sorted out, the employee who accepts the metal will explain and properly weigh the metal according to the positions.

Yes, we come if the quantity you have is more than 300 kg.

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