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Vehicle scrap prices

CURRENT PRICELIST of purchasing place at Kirtimų str. 61 in Vilnius You will find on

Vehicle scrap (ELV) and automotive parts scrap
Vehicle scrap (cars of full or partial complete set)
From the car’s total weight, deducting ~200 kg for non-metallic components
3A – ferrous metal scrap, metal thickness from 4 mm, maximum size 1500x500x500 mm (eg. angles, metal processing industries’ waste)
Mix of ferrous metal scrap, metal thickness from 3 mm
(scrap collected in the household)
5A – Mix of ferrous metal scrap, metal thickness from 4 mm, unlimited size over 1500x500x500 mm (this category includes cargo transportation, agricultural machinery, tanks)
Sheet iron metal scrap (plate, sheet, strip)
Automobile body tinplate metal scrap
Stainless steel scrap
Copper wire scrap, no connections (automotive)
Copper wire scrap, with connections (automotive)
Electric engines, starters, generators (automobile) scrap
(is not reduced by 5% Personal income tax rate)
Brass scrap (automotive)
Brass radiator scrap (automotive)
Aluminium scrap (automotive)
Aluminium radiator scrap (automotive)
Aluminium radiators with iron parts scrap (automotive)
Aluminium radiator with copper pipes scrap (automotive)
Lead scrap (automotive)
Lead battery scrap (automotive)
Zinc scrap (automotive)
Prices depend on the quantity of sold metal scrap. The personal income tax is deducted – 5%.

For general information, special scrap metal prices, please call +370 60997743 or write,
regarding transportation or dismantling, please call +370 612 45990.

In any changes on the market situation, the company retains the right to adjust the pricelists and purchasing conditions.